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The Easiest Move Ever for Us

I told my husband when we decided to buy a house that we were not doing the moving ourselves. I had no problem with us packing the boxes and taking a few things ourselves, but I wanted professional movers handling the rest of it. The last time we helped a friend move, it was really hard. My husband’s back hurt for a couple of weeks after, and I just did not want us to go through that again. I also did not want to put any of our friends through that. When I heard about The Moving Guys, I went to their website so I could get more information on them.

I liked everything that I saw about them, including they are insured. I trust that as professionals, they will take the utmost of care when transporting our furniture and other things from one home to another that they will be careful. I also know that accidents can happen, so I wanted to make sure that the things we have worked hard for are protected should something happen. I contacted the company to ask some questions, and I was very happy with the interaction I had with them.

I am a stickler for customer service, which is only because most customer service interactions I have are very poorly handled. That she answered all of my questions without hesitation and gave me the quote in a short amount of time went a long way with me, and I told my husband they are the ones we should go with. They have excellent reviews on unbiased review websites, and I knew that we would be able to get them for the moving dates we had in mind. He agreed, and it was by far the easiest move we ever had to deal with!