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Our Central Air Conditioning System Stopped Working Because of Dirty Coils

It can get pretty hot in the summertime here in Sacramento, especially for someone like me who wants to sometimes have the fan on throughout the winter months too. That is why I needed to find a Sacramento HVAC company that would be able to come out and fix my air conditioner when it stopped working. I don’t know the first thing about fixing something like an air conditioner, and I knew that I needed to get a professional out there as soon as possible. I went online and started looking at different companies, which is how I found the one that I would recommend to any of my friends who might be in need of HVAC services.

I am not the type of person to just pick a company at random. I need to look at their website in full, and then I also look at independent review sites to see how other customers have fared with their services. When I saw how consistent the reviews were for this HVAC company, I contacted them immediately. They were quick to respond, which I was very grateful for because it really was miserable that day without a working air conditioner. I never even knew what HVAC meant until I started looking up companies in Sacramento that fix central air conditioning systems.

It turns out that our system just needed to be cleaned inside and out. There are coils outside and inside that get buildup on them because air blows over them. Outside the grime was cleaned off by an acid they sprayed on it and then rinsed away with a garden hose. I think the used a different cleaner inside. The duct work had to be removed to get access to the coils inside, and they were dirty and covered with ice! The tech said that the air was not able to blow over the the frozen coils to get cooled, and the dirt was allowing condensation to build up and freeze. It took a few hours to clean them, but the system is back to normal now.