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Advantages of Having a Photo in Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that was set up to create a connection between job seekers and employers. The requirement is that after creating a LinkedIn account you should update your professional qualifications and skills so that the employers can view. The account also create a room where you can upload a photo if you wish. It is advisable that the photo that you choose should be profession because of the nature of the platform. The photo should have features that can increase your chances of getting hired. The message that your picture sends will give you an upper hand over your competitors. Majority of people does not usually find a reason to upload their photos because of lack of knowledge of its importance. Therefore, in this article I will discuss some of the reasons why you should have a profile picture on your LinkedIn profile.

Having a profile picture usually serves as a proof of authenticity. Some accounts are usually created so that they can be used for other reasons other than securing a job. The owners of spam accounts in most cases lack a profile picture. The employers, therefore, usually believe that accounts lacking profile pictures are fake and therefore does not click to read through the profile. Therefore, to ensure that the employers consider viewing your profile you should have a good photo.

The high number of LinkedIn users makes it possible to find someone that you are sharing names. Sometimes the employer might have known you by face, and he/she was specifically looking for you. Therefore, to ensure that the employer does not mistake you, you should have a photo that will be used to create the distinction. Therefore, you should not let your opportunity go to someone else.

Some of the employers use the profile photo to tell more information about you such as gender. The employers can sometimes be interested in hiring individuals o particular sex or age bracket. The employers usually do more research about you using other platforms therefore you should ensure that your picture is consistent. You will also avoid the embarrassment of attending an interview meant for gender that does not match yours.

The number of profile visitors is high in profile with profile pictures. Therefore, to be one of the profiles that are most viewed you should have a profile picture. If there are many visitors to your profile then the likelihood of getting hired is high. To be able to enjoy the above-discussed benefits, your photo must be professional.

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